Guides for Safety and Safe Toys

Toy safety involves far more than manufacturers meeting stringent guidelines and producing safe toys for children. Toy safety is the responsibility of many parties, including us as a retailer who sells toys and you as a parent or gift-giving adult that provides a child with toys. While manufacturing a safe toy is extremely important, what happens with the toy afterwards is just as vital to a child’s safety. To help keep children that are playing with our toys safe, we are happy to offer toy safety guides that not only address selecting safe toys, but also provide insight into how to maintain safe play environments for children.

While our focus is, and will always remain, providing fun, educational, safe toys for children, we know that selling the toys themselves is just a small part of the equation. So, we want to offer as much information, guidance, and useful tips as we can about buying safe toys, making play safe, and monitoring toys for continued child safety. In the end, we want to make sure that our toys are fun to play with and provide an enriching play experience for children, while continuing to be safe for each and every day of play. Please read the included safety guides, and check back for future additions to this toy safety section!

Guide to Selecting a Safe Toy

Know How to Keep Toys Safe and When to Discard Them

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